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Because Dreams Make Leaders

The streets of urban Indianapolis are filled with youth who are trying to find purpose for their lives. They long for something to dream about. They ache to make a difference in their communities. But too often, their hopes are lost in the bombardment of destructive, indulgent, short-sighted messages the culture sends their way.

DREAM Alive meets these young people with meaningful relationships and character-building experiences so that they can learn to dream again. DREAM Alive shows them how to lead by serving, grow by giving, and succeed by self-sacrifice. The end product is a high school graduate who has a vision of becoming not simply a good citizen, but a world changer.

DREAM Alive is the proud recipient of the NFL Charities 2012 and 2013 Player Foundation Grant.

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Dream Alive Spotlight

Photo Dec 04, 3 38 41 PM

Scholar Spotlight: Mario

In each of our programs we have those scholars who just “get it”. These scholars are the ones who are at every event, every Character Development Lesson, every field trip, and every homework/tutoring day. They [...]

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